First level reiki course


Begin to learn to heal yourself and those closest to you with this introductory course. You’ll learn about life force energy, chakras, how to use reiki and its benefits. You’ll receive an attunement so you can practice reiki on yourself, family, pets, and plants.

Second level reiki course


In second degree, you’ll take your Reiki practice to a whole new level as you’re introduced to sacred symbols that intensify your ability to tap into reiki. This level opens up a whole new way of providing well-being to yourself, others and our planet. It’s truly life altering.

Third level reiki course


This level integrates you more fully with the reiki energy to provide healing for yourself, others and the planet. With this attunement, you become a stronger conduit for reiki, and you will feel more connected to its universal energy. Reiki becomes more than a technique, but who you are and a way of life. You’ll learn master symbols, and how to perform a healing attunement along with a breath to expand your practice and treatments.

Reiki Master Teacher


It’s time to step forward as a teacher. To share what you’ve learned with others who want to step up to the spiritual path. You’ll receive a guidebook and attunement. In this course, you’ll learn how to teach and attune all levels of Usui Reiki, so that you can share this energy healing modality with others.

“I am very pleased with my reiki student experience with Mel. She really flowed well with my learning needs while presenting the information in a way that was grounded, practical, and fun. I did not feel pressured to go at a certain pace and she was always open to answering any questions I had. I respect how she honours the teachings of reiki while also encouraging the student to honour what resonates for them. Thank you Mel for helping me in reactivating my gifts!”