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Create space by elminating tolerations

What are you tolerating in your life that is taking up space and draining your energy? Begin to free up physical, mental and emotional space with this exercise. Sign up to receive a worksheet, delivered right to your inbox. 

In this post, How to create space in your life, discover why and how creating space is important to your wellbeing.


Have you wanted to try yoga, but didn’t know how to start? Check out this free course to help get you started to bring breath and movement into your life. The course is a series of four short videos that introduce you to yoga with breathing and gentle movements. My assistant, Gemma, is also featured.

Just breathe

To help you start to become aware of how your breath affects your body and mind, I’ve created free, online videos on FacebookYouTube and InstagramTV. Feeling out of sorts, disconnected, worried or anxious? Connect to your breath to begin to reduce stress, discover a calmer mind and body, and improve sleep.