What’s your cancellation policy? Something has come up and I can’t make my scheduled  appointment. 

Let me know 24 hours’ before your scheduled time that you’re not available; thereafter the full price is due.

How do we connect for our coaching meeting?

We meet over over Zoom.

What do I need for my coaching meeting?

A notebook or journal to track your progress, to take notes and to record any reminders or homework.

What can I expect during a reiki treatment?

Some feel hot or cold, a vibration, see colours, have visions, while others may not feel anything. Regardless of what you experience, each treatment is right for the individual.

Do you accept drop-ins for yoga classes?

Yes! Contact me in advance to get the Zoom link. The drop-in rate is $20 per class.

How do yoga sessions work?

By signing up, you reserve your place within that session. Once that session wraps up, if you’d like to keep your spot, you’ll be required to sign up again.

I can’t make a yoga class. Can I make it up at another time?

Absolutely! And classes are recorded so you get a link to class too!

What do I need for yoga class?

Bring an open heart and mind, and be willing to learn about yourself. Oh, and have your favourite yoga mat, and a strap or tie, too.