I’m passionate about body, mind and soul wellness.

Why I do what I do

For most of my life, I let fear and anxiety control my life. I wasn’t in the driver’s seat – I felt that life was happening to me, and it was passing too quickly and I was going nowhere. I made a conscious decision – really it was a series of decisions! – to take charge and since then people, places, resources and personal growth opportunities have appeared to keep me in control as creator of my own life.

I spent over 20 years working in various roles – communications, marketing, leading teams — in large financial corporations in Canada. While working in leadership, I discovered the tremendous power of coaching. By working with other leaders who shared a similar coaching philosophy we came together regularly for to share successes and hone our skills.

It was here, in corporate Canada, that I witnessed people’s wellness and self-care take a backseat until, in many instances, people became too unwell to work.

Yoga and reiki supported me during times of extreme stress, and with this knowledge, I’m passionate about coaching, reiki and yoga to help people improve their wellbeing.

What I do

I’m here to support people on their path. I offer the services and support that I found made the biggest, most profound differences in my life when I needed them. I love learning and thrive on sharing my knowledge to support others wherever they are on their personal path. I meet all clients where they are to offer the guidance that other’s provided, and continue to provide me.

What I want for you

To experience and share your story while letting go of the parts that no longer serve you so you can evolve into the version of yourself that you’ve always imagined and dreamed.

The formal part – education
  • Associate certified coach (ACC designation)
  • Graduated from Coach U Inc., an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program
  • Usui Tibetan Reiki master teacher
  • Certified yoga teacher (300 hour)
  • Honours BA (University of Waterloo)