Being grounded means feeling more connected

In my post, 5 steps to align with your body, mind and soul, step 2 is get grounded. Being energetically grounded makes you feel more connected to yourself, those around you, and to your world. You’re more productive, focused and happier. When grounded you feel connected to Earth, to nature, and you have a sense of security, feel at ease and know that all is truly well in your life.

It’s not easy to be, stay or feel grounded. We spend a lot of time rushing around, ignoring our own needs and health, and time in nature often falls by the wayside (or doesn’t happen at all). This means too many of us feel out of sorts, anxious, disconnected, misunderstood, and things in life can feel forced. It’s a sign our root chakra, our base energy centre, needs attention.

How to know when you’re not grounded
Being ungrounded is a sign that our energy body, specifically the root chakras needs support. Consider being ungrounded an ailment, like a cold, but for your energy field. Symptoms vary from person to person, but often people can experience one or all these: 

  • Feeling generally out of sorts, unfocused or spacey
  • Spinny, racing or scattered thoughts
  • Find it hard to make decisions
  • Lack creativity or ability to solve problems
  • Sense that they don’t fit or belong
  • Unexplained dizziness
  • Constant state of urgency (or, as I call it, the rushy feeling)

For some the symptoms send them to a doctor for tests (which you need to do!), but sometimes the tests can show there’s nothing medically wrong (which is good information to have). Armed with this information, get grounding!

How to ground

Much like a breath practice or meditation, grounding is a practice we need to work at regularly. It’s a way – or many ways – to help you align your energies and orient yourself in life, in your world.

Here are a few ways to help you explore ways to get and stay grounded:

Go outside

Be in nature! Connecting with the elements is the best way to feel grounded and more connected to yourself and the world around you. Go for a hike, snowshoe, bike ride, trail run, garden or just sit on the grass or lean against a tree.

Meditate, breathe

This is a meditation that I use and also recommend to clients:

Sit comfortably and move into deep full breaths – slowly inhale and exhale through your noise. Visualize white energy flowing into the crown of your head, filling your whole being and energy field and penetrating out your feet all the way to the centre of the planet. Next, visualize emerald green earth energy coming up and entering your feet and coming all the way up to your crown. You can also image tree roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet, spreading beneath you to root you into the earth, while also nourishing you with earth energies.


Several yoga postures focus on the root chakra to keep energy flowing and you grounded. For example, warrior posture and tree.

Crystals and essential oils

Crystals and essential oils bring nature in to you. The vibration of crystals such as hematite help ground. Put them in your pockets or wear them as jewelry around your ankle. Essential oils such as fir or spruce create groundedness through our sense of smell.

Energy healing

Energy healing modalities, such as reiki, work directly on your energy centres (chakras) to help shift you to a more grounded state. With energy healing, your chakras, physical body and cells are reminded of what it feels like to be grounded and centred to help you return to that state more easily.

You may need one, two or all of these techniques to realign your energies to feel secure, sure, grounded. There are as many ways to ground as people, so find which ways bring you back to yourself.

For more information and ways to ground, here are a couple more articles for you: Ways to connect and ground to thrive and Get grounded! How do I know when I’m not grounded?


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