Get grounded! How do I know when I’m not grounded?

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. Sometimes I felt super inspired and had a ton of ideas, but then I couldn’t pick just ONE! So then I didn’t pick any. Some days I stared at my screen and watched the curser wink at me, and I caught myself blinking with its rhythm. Sigh.

This winter I haven’t felt very rooted, very grounded. I’m an Aquarius (air sign) with a rising air sign (Libra), so I have to consciously work at grounding. And it’s been too cold here to walk my assistant (she flat out refuses to go walk any further than the end of the driveway), so I haven’t been spending time in nature. Lately I’m texting the tornado emoji 🌪️ to my friends when they ask how or what I’m doing – I’m spinning.

My tipping point was on the weekend when we had 80-100km/hr winds. The sense of myself feeling connected to the planet was blown away! It’s much easier for me to stay grounded in the warmer seasons when we’re outside a lot.

I wrote a Facebook post (and a blog post too!) about how to know when you’re ungrounded, and in it I list some common symptoms of ungroundedness:

  • Feeling generally out of sorts, unfocused, spacey or spinny
  • Spinning, racing or scattered thoughts
  • Can’t make decisions
  • Lack creativity or the ability to solve problems
  • Sense that you don’t fit or belong
  • Unexplained dizziness, feeling like you’re floating
  • Constant state of urgency, or feeling anxious

Yep. I got all these going on today! How many do you check off?

To be clear, I have a grounding practice. Part of my morning ritual is to stand on my studio floor – it’s hardwood – and imagine pulling Earth energies up through my feet, my legs and into my solar plexus, through to my crown. At the same time, I imagine universal source energy coming in through my crown chakra and reaching down all the way to the centre of the planet; as above so below (some call this vertical axis grounding).

Right now I need more than one way of grounding, so I’ve added a few more to my week. I continue to experiment, so here are the ones I’m playing with:

  • Eating more root vegetables
  • Eating more dark (really dark! 88-100%) chocolate – yum!
  • Diffusing essential oils (today it’s Siberian fir, yesterday it was spruce and both with added peppermint)
  • Wearing hematite jewelry

These practices are a regular part of living my holistic life with the added benefit of grounding:

  • Going for reiki, energy healing sessions
  • Breath practice
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

I recently came across this article that offers a completely different perspective on staying grounded in a busy world.

There are as many ways to ground as people, so find which ways bring you back to yourself. I’d love to hear your ideas and practices too. Please share!

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