Connect the dots …

“People grow from connection” is one of the guiding principles in the coaching program I graduated from. It’s also my favourite principle! I love feeling connected to people and places – it helps me stay grounded – and I always learn so much by being connected in a community.

I confess to ranting about how disconnected people are these days. We believe we’re more connected than ever because of our social media addiction (so this isn’t a judgement; I’m right there with you!). But it is a real connection? I ask the question because so many people are stumbling around with anxiety, depression, and are looking for external gratification for their unhappiness (i.e. disconnection from self and others).

Often when I’m working with coaching clients, I just listen. It’s like no one has every truly listened to their hopes, thoughts, dreams and goals. I hold space as they release all the thoughts and feelings trapped and swirling in their brains and souls. We work together to connect the dots to decipher what they really want and need to grow into their authentic selves. I love what I do because I help people grow more connected to themselves and the world around them.

Connection is why I partner with my awesome soul sister Melanie Huestis. We felt called to create Simply Spiritual to foster a community in which people can interact and share with liked-minded peeps. People who feel called to spiritual-ness, who are opening up to gifts, who are exploring and expanding reiki and energy healing practices, they need guidance to know they’re not alone and that they’re certainly not crazy! There’s a large online spiritual community, one I can’t imagine being on this journey without.

Last night I was reminded about the importance of connection and community. I went to my regular reiki circle hosted my reiki master and mentor. It’s in this community where I started my journey, where I continue learn, grow and evolve my reiki, healing and spiritual practices. Over the last seven years, I’ve been gifted with invaluable knowledge and wisdom these women so willingly share. Last night, we didn’t even get to reiki, we just exchanged knowledge, experiences, stories and ideas. I left feeling rejuvenated and so very grateful that I can spend time with them every month.

Someone from this circle shared how alone she felt 20 years ago when she started her spiritually focused business. She was a trailblazer for the rest of us. She expressed to me, “This is just plain fabulous. I am so happy to see what your generation is doing.” We’re doing it together; I can’t imagine doing this alone, and thankfully I don’t have to.

And again, today I was astounded by the connections within my online community. There’s a group of entrepreneurs who do a lot of online promotion and organically we all like, share and comment on each other’s posts to support, encourage and to increase traffic to our business pages –  we’re calling it stalking, but in this case it’s not creepy! We didn’t openly discuss this tactic, it just happened because we have each other’s backs and want to support success. Even though I haven’t met many of these women in person, I feel connected to them.

The Universe is constantly reminding me about how critical connection is. We can’t grow without it.

You’re not on your own. Connect -- with me, with others.

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