Enjoy the ride!

Stuck. Blocked. Can’t seem to move forward. Heavy. These are just some of the words I’m hearing from my friends and clients. Yeah, I’m using those words myself, too. It’s not for lack of trying, hoping, pushing and working toward the goal or progress on a project.

The next day or week, the same people say they’re being propelled forward, they’re in flow and ready to take on the world, their goals and projects. Until the next wall or seemingly insurmountable hill.

It’s frustrating because it feels like you’re just starting to gain momentum when you’re jolted to stop (like you get sick), or to a slow crawl.

People are landing on my reiki table or on my proverbial coaching couch complaining of inexplicable ailments. Aches and pains, dizziness, headaches and digestive problems, shit sleep (I got that one nailed!), and list goes on. They just feel wonky. Yeah, me too.

It’s erratic, kinda like you’re on a rollercoaster that you didn’t know you’d hopped on. 

I’m learning it’s much easier to accept the energy than to fight against it. On days when you feel blocked and can’t move forward, or feel off or weird, take a step back and honour where you are in the moment. I’ve taken these times to move onto my yoga mat or into meditation, or I go for reiki or healing. I’m also reading trashy fiction and binge watching Netflix. As I feel the energy shift, I talk to my coach to regain momentum and refocus. When the energy releases, I dive back into focusing on my goals and projects.

It’s hard for energetically sensitive people and even those who aren’t to adapt to the rapidly shifting energy that’s happening right now. Enjoy the ride … accept it! Be kind to yourself and know you’re not alone.

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