2018 — bring it on!

Expand and explore in 2018

Whew! 2017 is over – hallelujah – and I’m so ready to move into 2018. According to the number of Facebook posts, articles and conversations going on right now, many of you are feeling the same way.

Last year was one of transitions and rapid change for so many people. This doesn’t make it bad, just uncomfortable because it was a year of personal growth and global shifts.

For me personally so many amazing things happened. I attained my Reiki Master Teacher level early on, I enrolled in a coaching accreditation program to formalize and hone my skills. I taught yoga and reiki to wonderful students who I learn from every day.

I also travelled, which pushes me to experience things I typically avoid – like heights! With my sister, I got on the Sea to Sky Gondola at Squamish and am so glad that I did; the views are spectacular.




And I was downsized out of my corporate job after over 13 years with the company. Even though I sensed it was coming, that one was tough. For the first weeks after my body shut down. After years of unrelenting stress my body did a big fuck you. I’d fall asleep sitting in a chair and wake up hours later; I got a cold I couldn’t shake.

It was all part of the adjustment and the healing so I could take the next steps. You really don’t realize how constant stress on your body and mind are affected until you’re out of the situation. I gave myself the time and permission to rest, travel and explore, follow my intuition by doing the things that felt right for me, and not do things that I “should” be doing. It wasn’t easy, but the process was worth it.

And so I start 2018 as a new, super exciting chapter as I focus on my business, OMhale Wellness, and on supporting people looking to grow and expand and be the best version of themselves.

This is a year of exploring and expanding to further narrow the gap between where I am right now and where I want to be, and helping my clients do the same. Bring it on!

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